About Us

Our Goal

Midan aims to become the leading one-stop registration for conferences and training workshops in the region. We seek to provide all types of services linked with the different types of educational conferences and training. The platform seeks to provide participants with a very easy and smooth registration process. Midan also seeks to provide support for organizers and experts by bringing their targeted audience closer to them.

Why us?

Midan is a trusted platform and leading service provider. We meet the needs and desires of individuals in developing their different skills, support the business sector by developing the expertise of their employees, provide easy and renewed connection between the organizers of conferences and workshops and their target audience, utilize new technology advances to save organizers’ and participants’ time and effort, and help organizers and hotels with halls and facilities connect.

Learn from Experts

Develop your skills and become the person you have always wanted to be by learning from experts. Midan helps you connect with the best experts and trainers in the region and introduces you to the courses and workshops they conduct.

Midan for Business

Develop your work environment, enhance your employees' skills, and improve their performance, productivity and loyalty by supporting them in the necessary fields. On Midan, you can easily select or suggest the appropriate training courses for your sector.

Register your Hotel

Join the group of hotels on Midan’s platform. This way, those who are interested, and organizers of courses can easily and quickly find out about the halls available in your hotel and book them online.